Companion Details

Companion is your "Swiss army knife" for business travel. With its features and capabilities, you can easily and conveniently record everything you need to document your business travel for accounting. Using your iPhone's capabilities, you can do a lot of the work automatically and in real time.


Record Trips

  • Live Trip - record your business trip while you travel.
  • Quick Mode - fast entry
  • Automatic trip stop
  • Automatically record Waypoints
  • Edit your trips
  • Unlimited Waypoints per trip
  • Determine your location via GPS
  • Resolve addresses (even later while editing)
  • Offline trip recording
  • Calculate distances with GPS
  • Rounded times (exact, 15 min, 30 min)
  • Intelligent use of all modes of transport
    car, train, plane, taxi and more
  • Route display on map
  • Keep track of mileage

Record expenses

  • Comprehensive list of expense types
  • Handles hospitality services and accommodation
  • Handles currencies
  • Currency rates for all major countries
  • All input fields necessary for travel expense reports
  • Record receipts with your camera
  • Allocate receipts to a trip

More features

  • Upload trips to the travel portal
    (also suitable for company portals based on the business trip web solution by Inmoti)
  • Own lists for notes and comments
  • Export data with HTML and CSV support
  • KML/GPX route data
  • Data can be sent to multiple recipients via email
  • Foreign database
  • GPS can be deactivated!