White Paper

What is Companion?

Companion is the perfect business trip logbook for anyone who needs to document their travel and business trips. And since travel involves expenses, Companion can deal with those, too. Companion lets you conveniently record your entire business trip while you travel.

No more annoying paperwork!

We all know how it is. At the end of the trip, there's homework to do and reports to write. Who, when, where, how long, why? Always the same paperwork, whether you take 3 trips in a year or 100. Save yourself the hassle. Take advantage of your iPhone's capabilities with Companion.

Just one button

You only need to remember one button! Begin your business trip with "Start". Companion records your travel until you come back. All your stops along the way and the return journey are documented automatically.

Ok, there's a third button in case you want to document your expenses while you're on the road. Simply add receipts to the trip. Say goodbye to your folder of receipts!

Flexible and ready for action

Companion is not only live, but flexible as well. You can add useful travel details at any time. If you've forgotten to record a Waypoint, no problem, just add it later. You can modify entries, add additional information, and move receipts at any time. We don't want to impose any restrictions.

Whether you're traveling by car, train, plane or something else, Companion adapts itself to your mode of transport, e.g. GPS is only activated if you're traveling by car.

Never look for another receipt

In addition to your trip data, Companion can save all travel expenses and allocate them to the business trip. Receipts can be recorded for all expense types necessary for a travel expense report (even hospitality services and accommodation!).

You can take photos of your receipts, and currency rates are available for all major countries.

Into the cloud

At the end of a business trip, there's the travel expense report. With personal access to our travel portal, a complete travel expense report is available for you. The portal has a forum and lots of information on the topic.


But many just want more, so here's a list of the many possibilities Companion offers:

  • For those in a hurry

    Record simple trips with departure, destination and return.
  • For perfectionists

    Document all Waypoints, modes of transport, distances and times.
  • For the travel expense report

    All destinations should be recorded. A good description will help get your report approved. You also need to record receipts to complete your travel expense report.
  • Time recording

    If you need to record Waypoints for all relevant time intervals, simply press a button when you start an activity and press again once you stop.
  • To calculate travel

    Companion saves your departure and arrival details. Choose a car as your vehicle to calculate distances with GPS!

The bottom line

The appointment went well and your trip is over? Then send it off. You can send a detailed report for each trip to up to two email addresses whenever you like. All of the information you recorded is contained in the report, and relevant times, distances, etc. are calculated for you. For those who need even more functionality, the report can be exported in CSV (Excel) or KML/GPX format.
Photos of your receipts are sent along with the report, of course!